Cisco: Subnet Calculator

From a technical and development standpoint, this was a very challenging project. Not only did I have to understand the technical aspects of IP addresses, and how to subdivide a network into multiple networks, but I also had to learn (and understand) binary math, bit octets, binary operators, and how to flip bits.

Speed and performance were constant challenges when developing this app: some subnet calculations are extremely resource intensive, and return millions of results. After weeks of benchmark testing, and optimizing calculations, I ended up producing an intuitive app that was efficient, responsive, and performed well on multiple target devices.


Subnet Calculator Mobile Application




Interactive Direction (creative, technical, user experience), Technical Architect, Developer

Cisco Subnet Calculator: address, Subnets, and CIDR forms Cisco Subnet Calculator: address selector Cisco Subnet Calculator: subnet, and supernet forms Cisco Subnet Calculator: subnets and hosts table, vertical and horizontal orientation