Nokia: 360 Entertainment Hub

Nokia USA was looking for a way to increase consumer awareness, and involvement with the Nokia brand. Previous to the launch of the Nokia Entertainment Hub, most of Nokia's advertising had been exclusively product advertising, or cooperative advertising with carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint).

We build a site that delivered a highly-sophisticated, interactive 3D website with content that was customized and personalized based on user interactions: Video characters that reacted to user behavior; Detailed phone information (including 3D models of phones that users could interact with); Exclusive Nokia-sponsored movie trailers, and exclusive rebates, and coupons on Nokia products, services, and events.


Nokia 360 Entertainment Hub Website




Tribal Worldwide (DDB)


Interactive Direction (creative, technical, user experience), Technical Architect, Lead Developer

Nokia 360: Exterior view Nokia 360: Bouncer Nokia 360: Dance floor Nokia 360: Phone bar Nokia 360: Phone details Nokia 360: Phone screening room